Sunday, June 5, 2011

Folded Bicycle

Many of car manufacturers produce bicycle, including the German MINI introduces folding bicycle that uses aluminum frame. Light weight, but sturdy.

The surplus, had a practical point of folding. The rider just took a few seconds to get boost from the folded position. Also, in the folded position can go into almost any car trunk, including the MINI which is quite compact in size.

The bicycle weights only 11 pounds equipped eight levels of transmission and tire size of 20 inches. MINI claim, which created the sensation of driving the same characteristics with the bicycle "normal.” This bicycle uses Teflon-coated chain so that it can be free from dirt patch.

There saddle gel layer that increases comfort while paddling. For safety, bicycles are equipped with reflectors in some parts of which clearly reflect light when the vehicle rides on the night.

MINI offer bicycle in a black color, a combination of silver on the letter-including the logo and chain with bright green tosca. Bicycle will sale in August 2011 and can be ordered directly online or on the shop. The price is 499 euros, or Rp. 6.28 million.