Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laser Replacing Spark Plug

New technology of engine combustion that replace the spark plug on the piston with laser technology will realize in the near future. Even at the beginning of May, on the Pers conference about laser technology and electro optics that reported already success to replace the spark plug in the gasoline engine.

BBC reported that the team of Japan and Rumania ready to distribute laser spark work together with spark production from Japan, Denso. This component will produce in mass to sell on the market.

This laser will directly shoot to the engine cylinder with variation of wave ray long. By using this method the ignition system also will more perfect, with other benefit like the part is not easily broken like on the spark plug.

As we know that spark plug technology is not improved from about 150 years ago till now, on this connection the researcher look for alternative part using laser technology. Along this time laser just use for welding the spark plug itself. Laser technology make the efficient fuel use and environment friendly emission. The great of using laser spark, on the cylinder can result two or tree laser spot. This possibility can’t resulted by the best conventional spark plug.

Spark Plug Weaknesses
Convention spark plug just burn a mixture of air and material in the area around the gap. As a result, will result less than maximum combustion efficiency. In addition, the metals used as electrodes, will also be eroded or exhausted along with the use. Now, with lasers, this condition are preventable.