Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tip for Car Repair to Save Money

The car efficiency of using fuel is depending on the model and the year of vehicle production. Old car usually can’t efficient on using fuel, longer the car age is more not efficient on using fuel. Car maintenance also will costly for longer age of the car. Current emission standards and superior technology is integral part of automotive world. With higher technology come superior costs, particularly if you are relying on somebody else to carry out work for you. Supposed you are weekend mechanic or concerned car owner, and then the value knowing information about vehicle is very valuable knowledge.

Air conditioning Service
Air conditioning maintenance and service for small parts may be can be done by you. Like how to recharge the AC system with all new Freon and ensure it’s at the peak performance and repairs to the cooling system you can give to the auto’s service.

Tire Alignment
In order to get longest life likely from tires, it is important that wheel position is within manufactures stipulation and that the tire pressure is often checked. At auto repair we may check your steering & suspension as well as perform any of the repairs necessary.

Belt and Hoses
For modern cars have one serpentine belt, which drives all accessories (alternator, power steering, air conditioning, etc.). To set the tension of the belt and hoses we need not to breakdown the car engine.