Monday, July 19, 2010

Toyota Reached Highest Position in US

As we know that Chinese car become dominate of world car trading, Chinese car even more growing fast in US and several Europe country. Their open policy for entrepreneur from aboard make car industry growing fast in China.

On the strict competition of car trading, Toyota prestige still shinning, while some of other automobile Industry beginning bankrupt. According to the data from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Indonesian Toyota sales in February 2009 stay on the seventh ranked of the World by reaching the sales figure of 13,839 units, while in South Asia Indonesia still in second rank after Thailand.

This result is a good signal for Indonesia, although the current global economic conditions are susceptible to interference, but Indonesia is still able to survive amid global crisis engulfing the world. Therefore, Indonesia is still regarded by other countries as a promising automotive markets.

"Hopefully, the results achieved by Toyota in Indonesia is a positive signal for the automotive market in Indonesia, and the TAM continues of optimistic trading of Indonesian car market in the future," said Johnny Darmawan, the President Director of PT. Toyota-Astra Motor. Toyota sales in the first position is occupied by the United States the world as much as 109 583 units, followed by Japan (99 816 units) and China (34 988 units) in third place.