Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old Car Problem

Old car being collected by car hobbies since car have been built. Like Model T the year of 1904 or classic of 1964 and old Bugatti car,  people still collect this old car model. Each old car model have specific problem. There are five classic problems on old car.

The first problem is oil leak; this can be say as the most common maintenance issue faced by old car enthusiast. The most common problem of oil leak located on the engine are the valve covers, from crankshaft seal and the rear, “main” seals.

To change of cover gasket usually easily, just removing the valve covers and replacing with the new one. Just we must sure that old one are completely removed before change with the new one. Almost all of older valve covers are made from thin steel, so they tend to lose the flatness along the edges.

To treat an old car need time and should be patient, better if you have skill on how to maintain old car or you have your own car mechanic in order can call every time you need repair as soon as possible like stop running on the road.

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My experience on having old cars, there are many parts should be check before it really can use properly. Here are some parts should be check first:
  1. Engine Seals are still OK? Check water in radiator, is water contaminated with oil? is water too hot when engine start. Is water boiling when started, see on radiator, if boiling its block or leakage in Cylinder head.
  2. Engine Seals are still OK? Check If oil contaminated with water, if yes it's mean that some seal in the engine leakage, Cylinder head can be leaked and make water go into the oil or water tube chanel leakage and go into the oil.
  3. Check the location of Coupling, are there any oil leakage there, if yes it's mean that seal from engine into the coupling area is leakage and it should be changed.
  4. Check in the back of Water Cooling Van, is there any oil leakage from the axle of the Van, if yes it is mean that seal from engine to the van shaft is leakage.
  5. Check the break should be OK for all wheel, don't any leakage on the all tube of break oil system. If any leakage, it should be change the metal tube to make perfect condition of your car.
  6. Check Car Frame is must, and should be don't any defect on the frame. The frame must be stright and even and flat.
  7. Other check like all lamp, van belt, body and other physical condition you can check by yourself.