Thursday, November 6, 2008

Air Engine Automobile

This car move using air pressure that is installed below the car, the engine principle on this car is not like a jet mover or turbo air jet to push the car so that can move faster. The goal on creating this car, develop a zero pollutant car not develop a racing automobile, can move only by air and a splash of salad oil, alcohol or possibly a pint of gasoline.

The important part of this car is a compressed air, so this car called as compressed air car (CAV), but this is not a rocket car. The last year car engine technology is using air pressure to move engine piston. Tata as car producer have many trials for this kind of car engine and has no qualms about the technology.

This car can run with the top speed of 35 mph for some 60 miles for one tank of compressed air. This distance almost used fulfill for many routine jobs, go to office and back home. On highway this car can move run at medium speed for nearly 800 miles with a small motor to compress the air thank in order keep the tank filled. As the Tata mechanic the engine have no problem for that distance so far. On this CAV compressed air just use for move the engine, for other supported tools like sounding and light use fuel cell separately, that burn hydrogen to produce only water vapor still face daunting technical challenges. The problem may come if this automobile is not efficient of using fuel battery.

This car may will ready to market on the year of 2011, because still many preparation, not just the engine itself but also market network, parts and other appliance support. For this kind of automobile have registered many automobile producer will work together to support this production such as, California, New York, Georgia and in Rhode Island.

CAV car may too small for us, because the development is purposed for efficient and no air pollution, that currently facing in all over the world. We are waiting for this new innovation run on the road.

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