Monday, September 15, 2008

Engine, Removing and Installing

Special tools and equipment
VAG 1921 Spring-clip Pliers
VAG 1306 Drip tray
3277A Installation too
3408 Engine support
VAG 1383 A Engine/transmission jack
G 000 100 Grease (for vehicles with manual transmission)
VAG 1331 Torque wrench (5 to 50 Nm)
VAG 1332 Torque wrench (40 to 200 Nm)
Cable tie
Remove engine/transmission assembly from below.

Obtain radio code before disconnecting battery ground strap.
Disconnect battery ground cable.

Ignition must be switched OFF
Always replace cable ties in original position.
Drain coolant
Remove radiator and radiator cooling fan
Remove ribbed belt

Detach hose from combi-valve at Air Cleaner upper section -arrow-.

Remove intake manifold complete with intake manifold lower section and Throttle Valve Control Module
Disconnect power steering lines from right engine support. Remove power steering pump with bracket and secure to body with wire (hoses remain connected).
Remove front exhaust pipe
Disconnect wiring from transmission, generator and starter and move out of the way.
Disconnect all engine coolant, vacuum and breather hoses.
Vehicles with manual transmission:
Pry off line/hose from slave cylinder on transmission
Vehicles with automatic transmission:
Vehicles with A/C:

Remove transverse support bolts -A- and -B-.
Remove transverse support.
Remove gearshift mechanism from transmission.
Remove transmission shift cable.
Observe additional information and removal instructions

All vehicles:
Remove axle shafts.
Remove support bracket -1- from cylinder block and pull flange shaft - 3- out of transmission shaft -4-.
Remove flange shaft -3- with flange shaft bearing -2-
Place 3408 engine support on VAG 1383 A engine/transmission jack.

Place 3408 engine support on cylinder block and tighten nuts -1- 40 Nm (30 ft lb
Remove pendulum support.

Remove right assembly mount bolt -1.

Carefully guide assembly out of vehicle while lowering. Do not allow assembly to contact or damage body.
Remove left assembly mount bolts -arrows-.

Carefully lower assembly
Engine, mounting on engine stand
Mount engine to VW 313 engine stand support clamp using 3269 engine bracket.

Special tools and equipment
VAG 1202 A Workshop crane
2024 A Lifting tackle
3269 Engine bracket
VW 313 Support clamp
Vehicles with manual transmission
Attach 2024 A as follows:
Lift off of VAG 1383 A engine/transmission jack with workshop crane.

o Vibration damper end: 3rd hole in hook at position 1.
o Flywheel end: 4th hole in hook at position 8.
Hooks and locating pins must be secured with locking pins.

Positions marked 1 to 4 on bar must face toward vibration damper.
Holes in hooks are counted up from the hook. If engine must be separated from transmission, first separate torque converter from drive plate (3 bolts). Secure torque converter so it cannot fall out.
Remove 3408 engine bracket from cylinder block.
  • Install 3269 engine bracket on cylinder block and tighten bolts.
    40 Nm (30 ft lb)
Install engine in VW 313 support clamp using VAG 1202 A workshop crane.
Engine, installing
Install engine in reverse sequence, note the following:
Vehicles with manual transmission
Check clutch release bearing in slave cylinder for wear. If necessary replace slave cylinder with release bearing.
Clean splints of input shaft and lightly grease with G 000 100.
All vehicles
Check if engine/transmission locating dowels are installed in cylinder block. Install if necessary.
Install mounting hardware approx. 5 to 6 turns by hand.
When installing right side engine mount, make sure hydro mount lugs engage in engine bracket slot -arrow-.
Align mounts stress-free by rocking, tightening torques.
Install pendulum support.
Vehicles with A/C
Install A/C compressor.
Vehicles with manual transmission
Connect line/hose on slave cylinder and secure with clip.
Install gearshift mechanism on transmission, adjust if necessary.
Vehicles with automatic transmission
Install transmission shift cable on transmission, adjust if necessary.
All vehicles
Install axle shafts.
Install power steering pump with bracket.
Install front exhaust pipe, item 8.
Install intake manifold complete with lower section and Throttle Valve Control Module (note position of dowel sleeves in cylinder head when installing)
Install ribbed belt
Install radiator and radiator fan
Fill system with coolant
Adjust accelerator cable
Re-connect wiring and route as necessary.
Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting & Component Locations
Check Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) memory.
Check idle speed and ignition timing.
Check headlight adjustment; adjust if necessary.
Tightening torques, chart
Bolted connections Tightening torque
Engine to transmission M8 25 Nm (18 ft lb)
M10 60 Nm (44 ft lb)
M12 80 Nm (59 ft lb)

Flywheel cover plate M7 10 Nm (7 ft lb)

Pendulum support to Transmission 80 Nm
(59 ft lb) +1/4 turn
(90 ) further
Pendulum support to subframe 200 Nm (148 ft lb)

Starter to engine and transmission 45 Nm (33 ft lb)

Front exhaust pipe to exh. Manifold 40 Nm (30 ft lb)
Front exhaust pipe to catalyst 25 Nm (18 ft lb)

Transverse support to transmission 30 Nm (22 ft lb)
and left mount

Axle shaft to wheel hub 150 Nm (111 ft lb)
+ 1/4 turn (90 )
Axle shafts to flanged shafts 80 Nm (59 ft lb)

Assembly mounts, torque values
Tightening torques with bolts oiled

Right side assembly mount
A = 55 Nm (41 ft lb)
B = 60 Nm (44 ft lb
C = 10 Nm (7 ft lb)
Left side assembly mount
A = 50 Nm (41 ft lb)
B = 50 Nm (37 ft lb) + 1/4 turn (90 ) further
C = 60 Nm (44 ft lb)
D = 30 Nm (18 ft lb)

Vehicles with A/C, additional information and removal instructions

Do not open A/C refrigerant circuit!

Only open A/C refrigerant circuit in workshops which have trained personnel, necessary tools, and equipment.
To remove and install engine without opening refrigerant circuit:
Remove refrigerant line retaining clamp(s).
Remove generator.
Remove A/C compressor.
Secure A/C compressor to vehicle body to relieve any strain or stress to refrigerant lines and hoses.

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