Sunday, July 20, 2008

Medium MPV Car

Old car trade mark still dominates the selling result of non sedan market, but many new industrial cars merge on 2007 car market. Several industrial cars have try to Indonesian car market share of their new cars model like Toyota Hybrid.

This is the biggest car market in Indonesia, car with driver 4x2 with two boxes, messenger room and machine room. This car is assumed suitable for Indonesian customer; this class also becomes targeted by automobile industry. The market become more competitive and market become segmented.

Low Mini/City Car
This class have many trade mark of car; Suzuki Karimun (Estilo), Hyundai Atoz, Kia Picanto, Visto, Proton Savvy and Daihatsu Ceria.
Karimun Estilo is dominated in this class. They are really change the model, the square model of this care became circle, that is way Karimun success to get the top position. This class have many new comer model. Chery QQ that came two years ago (about September 2006), monthly sold average is 40 units. Then in yearly sold accumulation, they are in the third position. The second position have got by Kia Picanto that shift the domination of Hyundai Atoz. In future market should be consider for the future car model that may get more attention by customer because the fuel price always increase.

Here is the yearly sold result every car of this class:

Suzuki Karimun Estilo 5 168 units
Kia Picanto 981 units
Chery QQ 752 units
Proton Savvy 363 units
Hyundai Atoz 323 units

Others car model yearly sold result:

Low MPV 4x2 model:
Toyota Avanza 62,010 units
Daihatsu Xenia 28,914 units
Suzuki APV 12,434 units
Suzuki Carry (minibus) 4,936 units
Daihatsu Grand Max (minibus) 896 units

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