Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sport Car BMW X6

Sport vehicle is the kind car that just developing, while the fuel price is always rising, vehicles that improve on the S.U.V. by sneaking it back toward the station wagon. This model competition is very tight on the market; there are Mercedes E550 wagon and Toyota Land Cruiser on the same class.

BMW calls this rig an SAC — for “sports activity coupe” — which sounds both silly and sort of correct. Like a Mercedes CLS, the X6 trades back-seat utility for a drastic sloping roofline and a two-plus-two seating layout. X6 is basically a luxury tow-vehicle sports-car grocery-getter 4-by-4 hatchback.

Other competitor on this class that required get attention is FX Nissan Murano, this first car generation is introduced since 2003. In the case of the FX, the shape is so original — blunt front end, tapered roofline, wheels-to-the-corners stance — that the changes basically amount to incremental tinkering. Both cars offering the similar specification such as 303-horsepower V-6 and a 390-horsepower V-8, and BMW serving up a 300-horsepower in-line 6 or a 400-horsepower V-8. In both vehicles, power is delivered by an automatic transmission, six speeds in the BMW and seven in the Infiniti. The different may just on the engine cylinder volume, BMW has 3 and 4.4 liters respectively, while infinity has 3.5 or 5 liters.

The specification of BMW X6:

X6 50i: 400/450 lb.ft
FX 50: 390/369 lb.ft

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