Monday, September 4, 2017

Car Service in United States

If you drive car in United States may have a problem because the traffic jams make us feel boring to wait, to overcome your problem immediately. You can search some of car service company already stay in and you can call them if you need in the street where you stay in. Actually many cars service in United States but I just collect of some service company.

Here are some car service company that may you need and near with your position.

Car Service Company in New York

1. Carey Passenger
We noticed about Carey is the company’s ability to reschedule and accomodate the costomer’s need. Whether you are going to be 20 minutes later or need a car a day later. Carey will quickly make the adjustment over the phone with no extra fees. Ph. (800) 336-4646

2. Carmel Car and Limousine Service
If your car suitable with this company service you can call this company to serve you. There is nothing special about Carmel only the phone number very special and you can remember easily, yust your basic car service that will get you from point A to point B in a nice, clean vehicle. Ph. (866) 666-6666

3. Uber Car Service
Like in many countries Uber already make online service Taxy to pick up passenger immediately, you can contact them very quickly and immediately you will pick up by individual car to pick you from the nearest place they stay. Uber coming to New York from its start in San Francisco. From the Uber Pool option, this company can easily be solved by splitting your fare and ride with others. Ph. (866) 576-1039

4. Good Luck Car Service
The guarantee of good luck car service is just prompt pickups, reasonable prices and a quite ride to your destination. Ph. (212) 219-8886

5. Ozo Car Service
Ozo promise have car service that will ease environmentally runs on hybrid Toyota, like Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, and classier Lexus vehicles. Ph. (866) 696-5966

6. Dial 7
Like the name of this company that this company phone number is easily remember because they have all 7 number except the phone code area. Ph. (212) 777-7777. The service is good enough.

7. Arecibo
Arecibo serve with many kind of car like standard, luxuary, minivan, and SUV vehicles. Located in the lower East Side, quick ride corporation lives up to its name without overcharging. They don’t much advertising but promise a perfect work to serve you, and only accept cash no credit card. Ph. (855) 428-0222

8. AllState Car and Limo
AllState car service company have a great location because its easily to get for anyone in New York City. They stay at 8th Ave between 18th and 19th. Their phone also easily to remember this one Ph. (212) 333-3333.

9. WiroLimo Car Service
WiroLimo can include of the best service company in New York city. WiroLimo is the most consistent, on time service become their motto. Ph. (718) 775-2611

10. QuickRide Corp.
Quick Ride corp. Is located in the lower East side. They are try to serve your car like the motto they have quick ride. Ph. (212) 233-0005

Car service company in San Francisco
1. Five Emerald Limousine, ph. (415) 812-1757
2. Nationwide Limousine Service, Ph. (415) 399-1333
3. UCS Limo Service, Ph. (415) 609-9116
4. SF Limo Express, (415) 609-9116
5. Black Cars Transportation, Ph. (415) 215-3852
6. Limousine in San Francisco, Ph. (415) 275-2445
7. Airport Taxi Cab, Ph. (650) 593-1234
8. San Francisco Limo Company, Ph. (415) 801-3355
9. SF Best Limousine Service, Ph. (415) 932-9052
10. Elite Limousine, Ph. (866) 964-7433