Saturday, November 1, 2014

Car Spare Part Maintenance and Changes

Find Toyota Spare part shop trust, usually you must familiar with mechanic that available in your work place or that work in the car dealer. Some spare part is not genuine, even the dealer can't differ among the spare part.

You must aware to your car, in order you can drive in a safe way. If you can't maintain you car, better you have driver who care to your car. You can pay more to your driver if he can maintain your car in proper way.

You can see several spare parts shop that available on surround your place. just click on this link Spare part for Toyota Car.

You better know the name of each spare part on your car, in order you can differ it. Here are the name of the part on your Toyota Car.

You must know this:
Car Tire, on your wheel there are other part for example, inner tire and stomach tire but if you use tubeless wheel you don't find that parts.

Battery, you must know the characteristic of your car battery and how to maintain your battery, you must fill your battery with clean water if water level already down from the permitted level, other wise your batter will faster of broken. If you use dry cell for your battery, you don't need this maintenance, but as I know dry cell battery have shorten lifetime.

Flywheel, what is this you can click the link to more understand the location and the form of this flywheel. 

There are three kind of pumps on your car, water pump, that use to circulate water as cooling water from radiator and through your engine and usually cool by fan that rotate together with engine rotation, the second is oil pump, this pump use for circulating the pump from the oil tank in the below your engine to the top of the engine, oil use to cooling and lubricate the engine, hot oil will cooling by water circulation. You must check your oil level, and oil condition regularly, say once in a week. The last pump is fuel pump, this pump is very important, fuel pump will supply fuel into the engine and change into energy to give power to your car, without fuel your car can't move. Fuel injection system will spray the fuel and then burning to change into power.

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