Saturday, November 15, 2014

Car Chameleon Paint

Body repair workshops often make modifications to both the interior and exterior of the car. Special to the outside of the car is often asked to modify his car paint in order to look different from others. So workshop often make various types of paint mixture until called by a chameleon paint. What color actually of chameleon paint? Look of some example car that already use this kind of car paint.

The cost for this paint type you must spent about $ 15,000 to make complete painting to your car. Chameleon paint actually can happen to old car that usually paint color already changing because of age, and often washing. But some people prefer to the color changing so many workshop got order to make the similar changing paint color.

To produce paint color changing of chameleon paints application is more critical and complex than those of common single and two stage automotive paint color. Great care must be taken to apply the middle coat layer very evenly to avoid light and dark spots in the finish. So look to the difficulties on creating of this painting if there are some defect on the painting , it will difficult also to repair.

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