Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to make Car Cheaper

On the global era like now, the competition on selling the car is become more difficult. The car producer thik more hardly, how to produce the cheaper car, what material should be used, how the fuel consume can be more efficient, and how the distribution system cheaper than a usual.

They always evaluate the work in order can compete with their competitor. Evaluation then discuss and the creator will implement the result of discussion and the result is as now. Who are the more real on handling the efficiency, the manager, line manager or operator. The real operation actually handle by the lowest position like the driver, plan operator and so on. The manager usually just give the system or efficient system but they should implement on the production operation in order can get real efficiency.

In china the price of car is quite cheap, because all of aspect should work in efficient in order getting high income, like on the picture below, the distribution of car should be more efficient in order the customer have width span of price to get cheap price.


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