Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Noise Damper for Avanza Car

Car Avanza problem is engine noise or external noise is still audible. This problem can’t be solved yet, apart from the outside noise can interfere with the sound of music, also the problem of sound vibrations can damage the ear. New Avanza until now are still not able to overcome this problem. Therefore it becomes a problem silencers lucrative business arena. By offering affordable prices guarantee to make noise in the car became silent, and create a more comfortable driving.

Unfortunately many of the consumers use this service are complaining, because imitate dampers is not working properly. The problem does not use materials with a high quality of course, otherwise it will not be functioned as good as the quality of installation in the factory, and high prices will offer because the goal is made advantage. Another complaint by installing silencers is less qualified are adding to the burden on the car and make more wasteful of gasoline consumption.

So I think there is no silencer best suited for this Avanza than ear plug as shown below. It means your ears are clogged so sound is not audible from outside noise, including your own car horn sounds.

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