Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BMW i3

BMW i3 is a new design of Ulrich Kranz that will introduced in the end of 2013 or about the beginning of the year 2014 with the production capacity 100,000 units per year. The test already done, fast run in the proving ground Miramas, Marseilles.

BMW preparing the hatchback with a number of excellence to compete with Audi A2, such as using aluminum chases with carbonic fiber body. Engine located in the back make the center force located on the center of car about 50:50 with the low gravitation center. BMW i3 use moving driver hybrid plug in technology by the electric motor of 170 PS bigger than engine 1.5 liters that only 80 PS. Accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h only need 7.9 second, but the maximum speed is limited by 150 km/h.

BMW i3 already accomplished by One Pedal Control technology, one pedal control to accelerate and decelerate base on the pedal pressing, use active brake control (that active to 60 km/h, including pedestrian control), Park Assist (include of automatic navigation), Congestion Assist, Range Assist (location guide), Precondition Assist (give info about engine cooling time, engine temperature and battery charge time), and Navigation Assist.

Other product BMW i type no longer after this product release i.e. i8, coupe sedan 2 door that already test on the road will also release in the same year, about 2014. While other type like BMW i5, MPV with 5 passengers will introduce in the year of 2015.

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