Monday, January 9, 2012

Toyota Car Price Increased

Automobile sole agent began to raising the vehicle price. After Mazda, now turn a new Toyota began applying the price for all models. For reference, the price increase on the road in Jakarta, ranging from Rp1, 75 - Rp. 13.6 million.

From Toyota's latest price list received, last weekend showed the smallest increases occur for the vehicle type Avanza 1.3 G of type E Manual and automatic. While the highest increase occurred in the Crown Royal Saloon from the previous price Rp 1,334.5 million to 1,348.1 million.

"The increase came into force in January 2012 for all models of Toyota in Indonesia," said Jody Jodjana, Chief Executive Officer Auto 2000 last weekend.

Price declines, according to Jody, also a special place for East Java region because local governments reduce Tax on Motor Vehicles (PBBNKB) from last year's 15 percent to 10 percent. Interestingly the price increases that occurred in almost all Toyota cars there are two cars that are even cheaper price. The decrease is also significant, Rp33 million, namely for the two variants Alphard 2.4-liter X and G Automatic transmission.