Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ride Motorcycle Safely

Your motorcycle can provide long-term comfort, if you are responsible for the safety of yourself, know and understand things that you will face in the street.

A lot of things you can do to protect yourself while driving. You will find many useful suggestions in your owner's manual. Following which we think is very important for you to know.

Always use a helmet
Helmets help reduce serious head injuries. So always use a helmet and make sure the pillion also use a helmet. We also recommend use eye protection, boots, gloves and other equipment.

Make yourself visible.
Some other drivers do not see the motorcycle, because it is not clearly visible. To make yourself more visible, use light clothing and can reflect the light, position yourself so that other drivers can see you. Give the sign before turning or move to other lines, and use your horn to help the other driver know where you are.

Driving within the limits of your abilities.
Driving exceed the limits is one of the main causes of accidents. Never exceed the limit of your ability to drive or faster than a predetermined limit. Remember that alcohol, drugs, fatigue and daydreaming can reduce your ability to make decisions and drive safely.

Keep your motorcycle remains in a safe condition.
For driving safety, it is important to inspect your bike every time you will drive it and do all the recommended treatments. Do not exceed the load limits, and use only accessories recommended by the dealer for your motorcycle.