Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mercedes Benz C Class 2012

If you have unlimited money you can buy this kind of car, Mercedes Benz C Class 2012, the full size coddles its drives with massive comfort and technology that compensates for nearly every common human frailty exhibited behind the wheel.

This car is developed to make three pointed quality, safety, luxury and more attainable. This compact sedan stands as the direct forerunner of the C-Class, some 8,5 million sales stand as MB’s commercial proof of concept over four generation, and the way things are going, those sales are set to continue.

The new generation of Mercedes C-Class actually is not all new car, but instead a revised 204 series that produced in 2007. For different country may have different content of this new parts, but for US market this car get refreshed front and rear styling, three more efficient engines, a new gearbox, a revised interior and driving aids previously only available on MB’s more expensive models, including lane keeping assist, brake assist, adaptive highbeam assist, blind spot assist and parktronic. Other parts that still available like no diesel engine, no manual gearboxes. All engines reside under a new aluminum hood and behind a facelifted nose featuring new headlights.