Sunday, April 17, 2011

Auto Insurance History

New invention in automobile especially on the invention of car that make people easy to go somewhere, this make other people want to be the car owner. In the late of nineteenth century people created something to protect motorists from the potential of enormous financial loss from operating car.

Operating the car both economically and culturally, can be a dangerous instrument, inflicting death, personal injury, and property damage, and the car itself can also be damaged or stolen. The potentially economically devastating, and action on driving car can make other property damage or causes injury even death, so this need policy required to purchase auto insurance coverage to protect innocent third parties as well as the fault motorist from liability.

Car insurance obligations vary from state to state, and most state in US requires mandatory car insurance, but other country may not mandatory to follow by insurance. In developing countries they take insurance include liability when pay tax of cars or on their driving license, so every people on the street have insurance when they are accident on the street. For this purpose they will pay cheapest auto insurance quotes for multiple cars, the insurance itself usually controlled by the State.