Friday, September 17, 2010

Lotus Cars

Lotus cars is a British manufacture of sports and racing cars. Lotus company designs and builds race and production automobile of light and high handling characteristics. Lotus is currently owned by Proton (a Malaysian car company listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) who take over after bankruptcy of former owner Bugatti in 1994.

Currently Lotus Elise and Exige models use the Toyota’s Engine late Celica GT-S and Matrix XRS.

Lotus history have been entered to formula one in 1958, A lotus Formula One car driven by Stirling Moss won the marque’s first Grand Prix in 1960 at Monaco in a Lotus 18 enter by privateer Rob Walker.

Lotus car after it successfully several times a champion in a speed contest on a formula. But after all the car company that makes racing car, lotus car is rarely a winning formula, and even this car fame gradually declines, until eventually went bankrupt and the company eventually sold to Malaysia.

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