Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nissan Murano

The present of Nissan Murano will affected about the SUV image as field comfortable automobile with many established feature inside.

This Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) are include of special vehicle, Nissan Murano is a hybrid of strong automobile in many road type and comfortable and the stability sport automobile. The result is SUV with the excellent car with the smooth body design like sport sedan.


Unfortunately ATFM as the main agent of this trade mark from PT. Nissan Motor want directly sell in Indonesia can’t be approved. But for Indonesian buyer that interest to this car can order through the importer on the machine version 2500 cc with the price about Rp. 535 million. This car is supposed to US market.

The first edition of this car on the year of 2003 is introduced by using of Nissan Altima sedan platform, sporty sedan that integrated with the strength by 4x4 to run in heavy road. Because using sedan platform, the body of Murano more smooth compare to SUV that base on truck model.

Stability and safety is support by many feature, using of traction control to avoid from slip, stabilizer, electronic brake force distribution (ERD), and independent suspension on all four wheel, until dynamic vehicle control (VDC), that function to monitor of tire pressure. And air balloon that active when accident happened. Automatic transmission CVT (continuously variable transmission) make enjoyable to drive.

Front and back chair can be arrange electrically, dashboard panel using aluminum trim, additionally with wheel drive of 3 spoke make this automobile look sportier. To make easily when park, there is an LCD monitor when move back and completed with park sensor. GPS (global positioning system) monitoring on Nissan Murano also installed long ago in US, so this LCD also function to view the map and car position. To make beauty exterior this Murano is completed by electrical roof, 18 inch wheel five spoke with aluminum alloy material.