Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra Bonus from Suzuki Car

The Price of Many Suzuki Product per 1 Agustus 2008

Many car product have offered with many bonus because of their competition on market today. Strict competition make many dealer offer extra bonus for their costumer. Look for the offer below of many Suzuki Car. Through leasing will plus rate from 5,25%

Karimun Estilo Rp. 106.000.000
APV Arena GL Rp. 120.000.000
APV Arena GX M/T Rp. 132.000.000
APV Arena GX A/T Rp. 143.000.000
APV Arena SGX M/T Rp. 135.000.000
APV Arena SGX A/T Rp. 146.000.000
Swift ST M/T Rp. 137.000.000
Swift ST A/T Rp. 148.000.000
Swift GT2 M/T Rp. 149.000.000
Swift GT2 A/T Rp. 160.000.000
SX4 X-Over M/T Rp. 158.200.000
SX4 X-Over A/T Rp. 169.200.000
SX4 X-Road M/T Rp. 147.500.000
SX4 X-Road A/T Rp. 158.500.000
Neo BALENO M/T Rp. 175.200.000
Neo BALENO A/T Rp. 186.200.000
Grand Vitara JX M/T Rp. 212.000.000
Grand Vitara JLX M/T Rp. 232.000.000
Grand Vitara JLX A/T Rp. 244.000.000

NB:Unit Ready StockNeo BALENO Special Price / Special BonusTime Delivery Extra Card Bonus (Service Discount Card 20% as long life car)

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