Saturday, July 19, 2008

Force Indicator Calculation

To calculate Force must know some parameter like average effective pressure and other data. Pressure indicator Pi can be calculated, the data should know such as:

D = cylinder diameter

Pmi = average effective pressure, N/m2

S = piston cylcle, m

N = motor speed in rpm

i = number of cylinder

Formula to calculate indicator pressure of gasoline engine 4 cycles is:

Pi = 0.785 . D2 . Pmi . S . 0.5 . N . I (Watt), if divide by 1000 the unit equal with kW (kilowatt).

Average pressure effective indicator Pmi work in every part of piston surface and result piston force, where Pmi = piston area, piston surface area is 0.875 . D2 and the piston force is 0.875 . D2 . Pmi. Surface of piston expressed in m2 and average effective pressure indicator express in N/m2, so Force will represent by N unit.

The force that work on all cycle are as follows:

Work = Force x Distance

Work on cylinder = Force

Other piston cycle = 0.785 x D2 x Pmi x S

Piston cycle represented in meter, work or power can represented in Joule (J) unit. Faster rotation, motor then will more work done and more effort per time unit. Motor rotation speed calculated in rps (rotation per second). Motor 4 cycle will produce in second cycle and the motor speed will time by 0.5.

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