Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Tire Change with New One

Marketing strategy of Gajah Tunggal tire production is very smart, by change the old tire from user and get new tire with cheap price, this will increase their market of tire product. As their policy on defect product treatment, they always destroy all defect product, so there is no customer use defect product, this policy will increase of production market.

Automotive Ramadan Stock held in the parking lot south Senayan offers attractive packages to replace motorcycle tires. With a trade and old tires exchange of any condition, the buyer can get a pair of front and rear tires with a price of Rp 120,000.

"The price of Rp 120.000 apply to the tire size of 14 inches. For the size of 17 inches sold for Rp 160,000," said Arijanto Notorahardjo, GM Marketing of PT Gajah Tunggal tbk, Sunday (08/21/2011) in Jakarta.

According Arijanto, this offer comes from the tire IRC and valid only today until 21:00. "Trade up program is important for the tire back and forth like a motorcycle. The price offered includes the cost of installation" said Arijanto